Secret Invasion Finale

I purposefully put off watching the finale of Secret Invasion because it is easily one of the worst shows that I have ever watched. Not just the worst Marvel show…the worst show…like ever. It’s truly terrible with absolutely no redeeming qualities and I promise nothing that happened in Secret Invasion is going to be necessary for the future of the MCU, so my personal and professional recommendation is skip it. So here we go let’s get through this painful Secret Invasion finale.

The episode just kind of ends with Fury going off planet with his wife. Apparently the Kree are willing to go into peace talks with the Skrulls, not quite sure why he needs to be there for that but alright. This whole show was a mess, the director didn’t care about the “mixed” reviews. I haven’t seen anything mixed at all, I’ve only seen the honest reviews of this terrible show.

Truly a terribly written show, not sure who hired these buffoons but I really hope they don’t get rehired. From the poor pacing, to the cheesy dialogue, the campy plot choices and the horrendous portrayal of women, Secret Invasion contained some of the worst writing I’ve ever seen, ever. Don’t watch it, it’s a complete waste of time.

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