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  • Lantern Corps Part 2

    Lantern Corps Part 2

    Alright we are back for part 2 of discussing the lantern corps and all their colors. We got about halfway through last time but there are so many to discuss. Honestly the Lantern universe is one of my favorites in comics and there are so many great storylines that you should read and I will…

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  • Lantern Corps

    Lantern Corps

    Another project that James Gunn has announced is Lanterns, with the ambiguity of the title we can hope that this project will include all of the Lantern Corps colors. Now should that be the case it means that we will be pulling from the Brightest Day, Darkest Night series. That would allow for the background…

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  • Don’t Go See The Flash Starting in fall of 2019, before filming The Flash, on the set of “Asking For It” several production members reported erratic behavior from Miller on set. They described their mental state as “scattered”. The disturbing behavior continued on the set of “The Stand”, including screaming, and spitting at the director. Escalated behavior led to…

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  • The Authority Background

    The Authority Background

    One of Twitter’s current complaints right now is why James Gunn is choosing to adapt The Authority. Who even knows who they are? Dumbass twitter users ask, the answer is; anyone that actually reads comic books. If you don’t read comics then you get no opinion until the adaptations come out and you watch them,…

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  • Creature Commandos Background

    Creature Commandos Background

    Twitter has an opinion on everything and James Gunn’s DCEU lineup is no different. Really all scrolling twitter has done on this topic is establish that people that don’t read comic books seem to have a lot of opinions on comic book movies. The lack of stories centering around the big three have pissed the…

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  • Booster Gold

    Booster Gold

    James Gunn’s DCEU slate has been announced and it seems to focus on lesser known DC characters. That said some of the more casual comic book fans might need a brief introduction into these characters so lets start with Booster Gold. Overall Booster Gold is an entertaining character that is going to bring great…

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  • Across the Spiderverse Review

    Across the Spiderverse Review

    It is pretty universally agreed upon that Into the Spiderverse is the best Spiderman movie to date, even by the academy. So fans, including myself, were more than eager for the second installment of the franchise. In fact these movies are the only thing keeping fans rooting for Sony keeping the film rights to the…

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  • Fast and Furious 7

    Fast and Furious 7

    Yet another Fast and Furious movie has been watched. And I know in my heart we are rapidly approaching these movies becoming good again but damn, it is a painful road to get there. This is the last movie that Paul Walker was in and I have some massive issues with the way that they…

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  • Revisiting Jennifer’s Body

    Revisiting Jennifer’s Body

    Let’s kick off pride month by discussing one of the gayest movies of all time, Jennifer’s Body. Now this was once a widely hated movie, it was shat on pretty universally. But since its release it has developed a cult following that truly understands it for what it is, satire. Diablo Cody wrote a brilliant…

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  • WGA Strike

    WGA Strike

    We are a month into the writers strike and Hollywood is starting to feel its effects. However executives seem like they are digging in their heels but the WGA is not giving up. And quite frankly the longer it goes on the longer it hurts the studios wallets. Here are a few updates and ways…

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