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  • Disney Day – Epcot

    Disney Day – Epcot

    Our first Disney day will be in Epcot. This is arguably going to be the earliest day of the whole vacation because Guardians of the Galaxy is still on a virtual queue system. To add insult to injury we are not staying on property so I will be waking up around 6AM to get myself…

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  • Disney Springs Plan

    Disney Springs Plan

    Hello! So I am far from a Disney blogger or influencer but I have a Universal Hollywood season pass and I am about to be in Orlando for a week doing both Universal and Disney. So I thought I would walk through my plans so that I can do a proper review of the trip…

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  • Ranking Silver Age Disney

    Ranking Silver Age Disney

    The Silver Age of Disney took place from 1950-1959 and consisted of 8 films, most of which are still pretty popular today. I would argue that this is the first era of Disney that stood the test of time. Even 64 years later the Silver Age of Disney remains the era that really solidified Disney…

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  • Ranking Wartime Disney

    Ranking Wartime Disney

    Continuing our ranking of Disney movies by era we will move into Wartime Disney. There seemed to be some deadtime between the Golden Age and the Silver Age where the only movies produced were ones that people now have largely forgotten about. Many people gloss over this era because it really didn’t produce anything of…

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  • Ranking Golden Age Disney

    Ranking Golden Age Disney

    The golden age of Disney lasted from 1937 to 1942 and got Disney started with 5 films. These 5 films launched an empire and we are going to rank them from worst to best based on art, story, character and overall tone. I will consider how well they held up but that won’t necessarily figure…

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  • Have a Very Disney Christmas

    Have a Very Disney Christmas


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