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  • Lauren J.A. Bear Interview

    Lauren J.A. Bear Interview

    Medusa’s Sisters is a beautiful, mythologically based novel that centers around the gorgons, from the perspective of the two the world never hears about. The novel was released just this week on August 8th and we got the chance to ask author Lauren J.A. Bear about her story. https://templeofgeek.com/medusas-sisters-interview-with-lauren-j-a-bear/ Medusa’s Sisters is an incredible take on tired mythology and…

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  • Barbie Review

    Barbie Review

    I finally got to see Barbie and damn it Greta Gerwig did it again. Every film she has ever made has made me cry but this one was even better. Now this film was highly anticipated by just about everyone and the fact that it was released the same day as Oppenheimer only made it…

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  • Power Girl

    Power Girl

    I’ve documented the history of lots of female superheroes by this point and when we talk about the history of our female heroes we find that they are mostly written by men. Now what this has mainly produced is women that are oversexualized, women that are 1 dimensional with absolutely no depth, women that are…

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  • Felicia Day

    Felicia Day

    San Diego Comic Con is a little thin to some eyes this year. The absence of many studios and a majority of Hall H has many attendees selling off their badges to people more motivated by the smaller panels. I personally think it’s a great thing, both for SDCC and for the strikers. We want…

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  • Secret Invasion Ep.1

    Secret Invasion Ep.1

    Secret Invasion has premiered. As Marvel’s latest installment of it’s extensive universe I was immediately skeptical because as a comic book fan Secret Invasion is kind of a big story. So to handle that kind of story as a Disney+ show was already questionable. But then of course we found out that the director was…

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  • Women Led Marvel

    Women Led Marvel

    2023 is starting off beautifully with so many women-led titles coming from Marvel and DC. Here are some past women-led titles of Marvel that need the spotlight.  https://templeofgeek.com/women-led-titles-marvel/

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  • The Token Woman

    The Token Woman

    In a world with an incredible amount of superhero movies and action movies there are many badass, heroic men. More impressively there are exactly 25% as many token women. The Token Woman trope is an extensive, and consistent one. Who knows where it started? We don’t know but we do know that the trope is…

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  • All Female Comic Book Teams

    All Female Comic Book Teams

    With so very many all male superhero teams I of course want to talk about the all female teams that exist. Now these are significantly less but they are worth talking about, and of course this is going to be another book plug and preview for Lady Comic Book History. https://vocal.media/geeks/all-female-teams

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  • Women of Marvel Comics

    Women of Marvel Comics

    January brings new titles for the women of Marvel, and we are here to bring the news about the new titles, both good and bad. We have a new title for Monica Rambeau in Photon, one for Wanda in the new ongoing Scarlet Witch series, and one for our only female founding Avenger, Janet Van Dyne in Wasp.…

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  • Women Talking – Review

    Women Talking – Review


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