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  • Secret Invasion Finale

    Secret Invasion Finale

    I purposefully put off watching the finale of Secret Invasion because it is easily one of the worst shows that I have ever watched. Not just the worst Marvel show…the worst show…like ever. It’s truly terrible with absolutely no redeeming qualities and I promise nothing that happened in Secret Invasion is going to be necessary…

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  • SDCC-Saturday


    For us day 2 of SDCC was Saturday and though it was slightly less busy then Friday we were still kind of running around a lot. We ended Saturday at about 13,000 steps and my hips were killing me by the end of the day. We not only got a lot of panels and things…

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  • Secret Invasion Ep.5

    Secret Invasion Ep.5

    Secret Invasion has been a wildly boring disappointment thus far and as the series begins to come to a close there seems to be little to no hope for a turnaround. The penultimate episode is consistent, and therefore leaves little to praise. But here we go with the second to last episode of Secret Invasion.…

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  • Secret Invasion Ep.1

    Secret Invasion Ep.1

    Secret Invasion has premiered. As Marvel’s latest installment of it’s extensive universe I was immediately skeptical because as a comic book fan Secret Invasion is kind of a big story. So to handle that kind of story as a Disney+ show was already questionable. But then of course we found out that the director was…

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  • Guardians of the Galaxy-Review

    Guardians of the Galaxy-Review

    Warning up top this review is going to contain so many spoilers so if you would like to avoid that, please stop reading now. You will not get another warning. The third installment of Guardians of the Galaxy was a beautiful, wonderful, incredible masterpiece cementing its place as the MCU’s best trilogy. It also gets…

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  • Underrated Villains

    Underrated Villains

    There are hundreds of heroes and villains in the superhero canon of both Marvel and DC, yet we see the same characters in adaptations over and over again. So here is my list of wildly overrated villains that don’t necessarily need to be retired but absolutely need a break. https://vocal.media/geeks/overrated-villains Overall Marvel has some incredible…

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  • Comic Book Reading Order – Pt. 1

    Comic Book Reading Order – Pt. 1

    If you are an avid comic book reader like me, or you want to be it can be extremely difficult to sort through the thousands of comics that exist. Now I am a firm believer in just following a single character at a time. There are lots of crossovers and team comics and that can…

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  • Black Widow Comic Book Recs

    Black Widow Comic Book Recs

    We’ve been doing comic book recommendations based on your favorite MCU movie and character. Now this next one is going to be slightly more difficult because of the way the MCU just completely butchered the character of Black Widow. Many comic fans absolutely hate her on screen portrayal so if you liked it at face…

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  • Squirrel Girl Vs Batman

    Squirrel Girl Vs Batman

    So this article might just be to piss off Batman fanboys but I am also unequivocally correct. This is something I’ve been saying for years but I feel like it’s important to actually back up my claims. So here we are, why Squirrel girl and Batman are the same. They are the same character, they…

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  • Women Led Marvel

    Women Led Marvel

    2023 is starting off beautifully with so many women-led titles coming from Marvel and DC. Here are some past women-led titles of Marvel that need the spotlight.  https://templeofgeek.com/women-led-titles-marvel/

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