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  • Fast Five

    Fast Five

    So we took kind of a long break from this series, probably because watching all 10 Fast and Furious movies is actually rather exhausting. Especially since I am a lover of the film medium and these movies are…not good. But we are back at it, halfway through with Fast Five. Now as far as I…

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  • Comic Books to Read

    Comic Books to Read

    As a comic book enthusiast you can imagine that my to- read list for comic books is just about as long as any reader’s TBR list (my regular book TBR is pretty long as well). I get comic books from the big two just like everyone else but I also really love getting books off…

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  • Baldur’s Gate Stream

    Baldur’s Gate Stream

    Well we’ve seen me play games by myself and I will continue to do that, but the reason I started playing was to do so with my husband. It is good couple quality time. So this stream is me and my husband playing Baldur’s Gate 3 together.

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  • Baldur’s Gate 3

    Baldur’s Gate 3

    I consume lots of different kinds of media; books, comic books, movies, tv but one thing that I could never get into was video games. I generally prefer my media to be slightly less interactive. I get bored easily and to be totally honest I don’t have a very large attention span so having to…

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  • Best TV Shows of All Time

    Best TV Shows of All Time

    Okay now that we’ve gone through my list of greatest movies of all time, I think we should also go through my list of greatest TV shows of all time. Now this list is a lot shorter because I think most shows start off really good and then get weird when they are on too…

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  • Best Movies of All Time

    Best Movies of All Time

    I watch a lot of movies and do a lot of movie analysis so I obviously have a lot of opinions. As I am incapable of keeping those opinions to myself here is an irrefutable list of the greatest movies of all time. These are in no particular order as in my head they are…

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  • Vampire Academy Season 1

    Vampire Academy Season 1

    So we are watching Vampire Academy season 1. The Vampire Academy series on Peacock was canceled. After just a single season, this series was canceled. Now this is not an unusual action for streaming services. They love to create shows that people love, that are genuinely good and cancel them after a single season. Normally…

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  • Vampire Academy

    Vampire Academy

    Okay so the Vampire Academy books were something that I absolutely devoured as a teenager. I recognize (as an avid reader as well as a screenwriter) that the actual writing was not great. But I insist that there is a really great story buried in those books. HOWEVER that becomes a very difficult point to…

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  • Never- Twitch Stream

    Never- Twitch Stream

    Okay so this is one of my first Twitch streams ever, my first one ever that wasn’t Baldur’s Gate 3. Now I am trying to expand my video game horizons and allow the internet to help me by straight up explaining things and suggesting other games that I might like. I would eventually like to…

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  • Ranking Pixar Movies pt.4

    Ranking Pixar Movies pt.4

    Last but not least in our ranking of Pixar movies, we’ve got our healing era. Now this era is arguably my favorite because it really shows some growth in the company. With the exception of the very first era of films that came out of Pixar this one is the most consistent and the most…

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