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  • Recapping the MCU – Phase 3

    Recapping the MCU – Phase 3

    Phase two had a lot more important information than Phase one did so hopefully those broad strokes were enough. I know this is a longer video but the MCU really exploded in phase 3. We added a lot of new characters and furthered a lot of team storylines so let’s dive right in. https://vocal.media/geeks/recapping-the-mcu-nr2md0g8v Now…

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  • Recapping the MCU – Phase 2

    Recapping the MCU – Phase 2

    One of the biggest obstacles the MCU faces right now is gaining and retaining audience members. The universe is so vast and interconnected that unless you’ve seen every single project it feels like you’re missing something. And the unfortunate reality is that you probably are. But if you don’t care about the details, inside jokes,…

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  • Recapping the MCU – Phase 1

    Recapping the MCU – Phase 1

    So I think that we can all agree that the MCU has a lot going on right now. Between the start of a new phase and about a billion Disney+ shows, fans are facing exhaustion. The MCU has proven to audiences that media overload and burn out is certainly a thing. With new films coming…

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  • Plot vs Character – Storytelling

    Plot vs Character – Storytelling

    As an aspiring screenwriter, I think breaking down how stories are told is extremely important. There are many screenwriting techniques and tropes that we can (and will) analyze. But to kick of its own series I would like to break down character vs plot driven stories. What do those phrases mean? And how do we…

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  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

    I like to break this show down to decisions. Which is quite frankly how I think one should break down how a show moves. We are going to start with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. A show that deals with mental health in a fun, but emotionally captivating way. A lot of people will take media analysis on…

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  • The Last of Us

    The Last of Us

    So we took a longish hiatus from The Last of Us because I really need to be in the mood for this show. That said they’ve chilled out on the gross stuff and really laid into the emotion crap. And as such keeps having episodes that leave me yelling at my tv. So we are…

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  • Avatar the Last Airbender

    Avatar the Last Airbender

    There is a massive come back on its way for Avatar the Last Airbender and its fans. The next couple of years are going to be development and production years for a great number of Avatar the Last Airbender related projects. From new animated series to the live action endeavor, to several animated movies we…

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  • Underrated Superheroes

    Underrated Superheroes

    Everyone has their favorite superheroes and superhero franchise but I would like to talk about the heroes everyone seems to forget. Though they could still be considered mainstream, they aren’t exactly obscure but they are under appreciated. Yes the list is mostly women but that’s just how it goes when I write something, and certainly…

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  • Ranking Studio Ghibli Movies

    Ranking Studio Ghibli Movies

    As someone who grew up on Disney I had heard of Studio Ghibli throughout my adult life but I had never seen any of the films until I met my husband. He is a huge Miyazaki fan and as such I have seen most of the Miyazaki – Studio Ghibli movies. So as someone who…

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  • What Makes A Movie Bad?

    What Makes A Movie Bad?

    I do a lot of media analysis and as someone on the internet that opens me up to a lot of criticism, and as always most of the comments I receive on the internet hold absolutely no weight and mean nothing. That said I think that its important before I fully launch a YouTube channel…

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