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  • Forest of Geek Reels

    Forest of Geek Reels

    Some shorts from SDCC panels posted on the Forest of Geek YouTube Channel

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  • SDCC Recap

    SDCC Recap

    Okay guys this is the last SDCC recap I promise! This one actually contains panel clips!

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  • Secret Invasion Finale

    Secret Invasion Finale

    I purposefully put off watching the finale of Secret Invasion because it is easily one of the worst shows that I have ever watched. Not just the worst Marvel show…the worst show…like ever. It’s truly terrible with absolutely no redeeming qualities and I promise nothing that happened in Secret Invasion is going to be necessary…

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  • Invincible, Marvel and More-SDCC Announcements

    Invincible, Marvel and More-SDCC Announcements

    SDCC was filled with lots of announcements which of course everyone who wasn’t there has heard about by now. But hearing it from the people actually granting us more nerd content was a truly wonderful experience. Plenty of things social media has already jumped on but I want no nerd left behind! So I just…

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  • SDCC Recap – Sunday

    SDCC Recap – Sunday

    Sunday, our last day of SDCC was the slowest day of the weekend (which was a good thing because I was absolutely exhausted from the rest of the weekend) but it was also an amazing ending to an amazing weekend. We got to spend more time in the exhibit hall and we got to experience…

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  • SDCC-Saturday


    For us day 2 of SDCC was Saturday and though it was slightly less busy then Friday we were still kind of running around a lot. We ended Saturday at about 13,000 steps and my hips were killing me by the end of the day. We not only got a lot of panels and things…

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  • San Diego Comic Con-Friday

    San Diego Comic Con-Friday

    Of course, San Diego Comic Con was the most amazing nerd experience. After about 10 years of my father and I trying desperately to get tickets, and failing, I finally got to go as press with Intermyth and Temple of Geek. I was also able to get my father a pass and made both of…

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  • Secret Invasion Ep.5

    Secret Invasion Ep.5

    Secret Invasion has been a wildly boring disappointment thus far and as the series begins to come to a close there seems to be little to no hope for a turnaround. The penultimate episode is consistent, and therefore leaves little to praise. But here we go with the second to last episode of Secret Invasion.…

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  • Secret Invasion Ep. 4 – WTF Disney+

    Secret Invasion Ep. 4 – WTF Disney+

    3 episodes in and the show is still very underwhelming. I was really hoping the halfway point would be a turning moment for the short series but that was not the case. I have no expectations and very little hope for episode 4 but generally speaking this is the worst Disney+ MCU show to date.…

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  • Missing SDCC?

    Missing SDCC?

    We all know that San Diego Comic Con is the hottest ticket in town, selling out in a matter of minutes for the last decade or so SDCC remains a popular place for nerds. That said, like a Taylor Swift concert, most people that want to go simply cannot. The demand is too high but…

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