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  • All Female Comic Book Teams

    All Female Comic Book Teams

    With so very many all male superhero teams I of course want to talk about the all female teams that exist. Now these are significantly less but they are worth talking about, and of course this is going to be another book plug and preview for Lady Comic Book History. https://vocal.media/geeks/all-female-teams

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  • Underrated Superheroes

    Underrated Superheroes

    Everyone has their favorite superheroes and superhero franchise but I would like to talk about the heroes everyone seems to forget. Though they could still be considered mainstream, they aren’t exactly obscure but they are under appreciated. Yes the list is mostly women but that’s just how it goes when I write something, and certainly…

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  • DisneyPlus MCU

    DisneyPlus MCU

    Now because you can not actually accurately compare formats I have decided that this needs to be its own article. I have ranked all of the films in the MCU. That was a much bigger task. Here we will be focusing on the TV shows. I much prefer television I think it holds a longevity…

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  • Ranking the MCU

    Ranking the MCU

    The MCU has over a decade of development time and dozens of projects now, both film and television. There is so much content that people are somewhat burnt out, they are exhausted from trying to keep up with all of the interrelated storylines. Now burn out is totally understandable especially considering that when a new…

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  • Comic Book Basics

    Comic Book Basics

    Much like the MCU’s oversaturation problem, the source material itself is a lot to wade through. Whether you love Marvel or DC getting into comic books can be a daunting task especially if you don’t know where to start. Ask any comic book expert and you will get a different answer. Some will tell you…

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  • The Latest in Nerd News

    The Latest in Nerd News

    The nerd world has been buzzing with content, so we thought we’d take a break to recap everything that’s been going on. Quantumania is better then the internet gives it credit for. New Girl, Friends and How I Met Your Mother are all the same show and I’ve been rewatching Grey’s Anatomy and Dance Moms…

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  • Women of Marvel Comics

    Women of Marvel Comics

    January brings new titles for the women of Marvel, and we are here to bring the news about the new titles, both good and bad. We have a new title for Monica Rambeau in Photon, one for Wanda in the new ongoing Scarlet Witch series, and one for our only female founding Avenger, Janet Van Dyne in Wasp.…

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  • Quantumania Review

    Quantumania Review

    Every time a Marvel movie is finally released the internet explodes, the trend now is to immediately shit on it whether the quality of the movie is good or bad. Reality is nothing to the internet so of course when Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania came out the internet did its thing. Now I saw…

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