Ranking Lois Lane Adaptations

Lois Lane has been a constant character in the years of comics and in film. There have been many adaptations through the years, this list focuses on only the more recent ones. 

5. The Justice League/ZSJL

Lois barely existed in this movie, and I am not talking about screen time. She was a whisper on screen that could have easily been cut with no impact on the story. 

4. Batman v Superman

To say Snyder’s interpretation of Lois is simply bad is an understatement. To be fair, he has established that he has no understanding of any of the DC characters but his depiction of Lois Lane is flat, boring, winey and hollow. It only takes the spot above Justice League because she appears in this film slightly more. 

3. Superman and Lois

One of the newest adaptations of both Superman and Lois Lane, the fresh adaptation gives us a more grounded Lois Lane. I also love that this show isn’t only focused on Superman and Clark’s journey but it centers on them as a couple. This show puts them on level ground, most adaptations, even the ones that depict Lois as strong and independent tie her to Clark. Superman and Lois makes it clear that they are both important and distinct people that have a beautiful love story, together. 

2. Justice League/Unlimited

Lois appears very briefly but in every interaction she has with Clark she is strong and playful. She is rarely a damsel in distress and she keeps her drive and dedication. Her attitude toward Clark is more caring and light then most other adaptations, the thing Justice League did incredibly well was keep the weight of the characters without making them all doom and gloom. 

  1. Smallville

Now I will always maintain that the best adaptation of Superman is Smallville, but it is also the best adaptation of Lois Lane. Most adaptations stick to the comic book origin of her chasing Superman, what Smallville does is make Lois always chase the story. She is a journalist first and that strength and determination make it so that all the men she comes across want to pursue HER. Erica Durance is also beautiful and captivating in her portrayal of Lois, she makes all the correct choices and keeps Lois interesting and entrancing. 

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