It Is That Serious – Media Analysis

So one of my biggest pet peeves when discussing and analyzing media online is when someone (normally someone who is losing an argument) says “its not that serious”, or “its not that deep”. Well that is factually untrue. Media and media analysis does not happen in a vacuum and it never has. There is about 100 years of research that shows media’s influence on society AND society’s influence on media. Everything in TV and Film is rooted in truth. It has to come from somewhere.

Ever hear the phrase, write what you know? Well guess what chucklefucks that means that writers are depicting their experiences, how they’ve gone through the world, things they’ve witnessed. Everything that you see on film and in television is on some level REAL. So it is in fact, that serious.

Ever think a storyline or a character is relatable? GUESS WHAT, its because that situation and that character is based in REALITY. So saying “its just a TV show” when anyone expresses distain for Rory Gilmore makes you sound next level kinds of stupid. Media analysis exists because we need to understand where we are as a society. Media is societies litmus test, its our legacy, it is quite literally how we will be studied by future generations.

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