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Invincible Ep.2 – Omni-Man

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The first episode of season 2 set up what to expect for the rest of this season. From interdimensional travel, to new enemies for our star hero, this season is about to be jam packed with conflict and plot twists, and the second episode opens up even more possibilities, as well as giving us some great, emotional character moments. Many of which are tied to our heroes like Eve and Invincible dealing with the effects of Omni-Man on the rest of the world.

This season seems to have just as many, if not more twists and turns then the first season did. This is proving to be one of the most well thought out shows that exist. And in such, it joins a very short list of awesome entertainment. Omni-Man is an incredible villain. And his character challenges our protagonist, Mark in a way that we rarely see on tv. I truly love the different kind of superhero story that we get from shows like The Boys and Invincible. I really hope that Kirkman and team get as many season out of this show as they want to make. I know there is a lot more comic book source material to pull from.

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