My Top 10 Marvel Films

10. Captain Marvel; Was it the best Marvel movie? No. It lacked certain development but she was the first female lead film we got in the MCU and that earns it a spot on this list. That and I like to weed out the fragile fanboys…

9. Shang-Chi; One of phase 4s best installments the magic of this movie is pretty unparalleled, I absolutely loved this movie. Perfect balance of emotion and action.

8. Guardians of the Galaxy 2; I truly believe this is the most grounded and emotional story in the MCU. I cried so hard when I saw it in theatres and I still cry every time I rewatch it, I truly hate Pratt as a person but damn the line delivery for “You shouldn’t have killed my mom and broke my walkman” is heartbreakingly good.

7. Black Widow; Not my favorite in the context of the MCU for several reasons but easily the best stand alone film in the MCU. The commentary on human traffic and the independent film cinematography style added more depth then I thought the MCU was capable of. We should have had this film a decade sooner but it was incredible.

6. Civil War; Might as well be titled The One Where Everyone Wanted to be Steve’s Boyfriend. Some of the best relationship and character development in the MCU. Team Cap forever.

5. Winter Soldier; Up until Endgame Steve and Bucky had the best relationship in the MCU and this film really captured their bond.

4. Thor: Love and Thunder; The gayest film in the MCU and an absolute delight. The comedy is necessary to offset possibly the most depressing MCU storyline.

3. Spider-man: No Way Home; I’m gonna be honest I was really skeptical about this film when it was leaked that the previous Spider-men would be in it, but it was amazing. It was still very clearly Tom’s movie and the emotional weight it carried was incredible.

2. Infinity War; The perfect set up to one of the biggest cinematic events of all time, after such a separating event like Civil War watching the Avengers forge new relationships and teams was great but also a little heartbreaking.

  1. Endgame; Call it fan service but its my favorite MCU film because I invested a decade of my life to these films and we all deserved a little fan service.

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