Women of Marvel Comics

January brings new titles for the women of Marvel, and we are here to bring the news about the new titles, both good and bad. We have a new title for Monica Rambeau in Photon, one for Wanda in the new ongoing Scarlet Witch series, and one for our only female founding Avenger, Janet Van Dyne in Wasp. Although most of these comic book titles are limited series, we are also hopeful that this paves the way for more female titles in the future. Here is a preliminary review of the newer female lead comics from Marvel. 


Now a few of these women have had other titles, Scarlet Witch has appeared in over 1500 issues of comic books across many titles. Wasp has had one other kid-oriented mini series and she has been a member of the Avengers from the beginning. So her solo title is more then overdue. There are no excuses for why it took so long but we all know the reasons. And Monica Rambeau finally gets the spotlight as Photon (though I much prefer her as spectrum, the fact that they named her solo series after a name that she held for 30 seconds is beyond stupid).

Overall, we are thrilled with where these storylines are going and are happy that the women of Marvel are getting the spotlight and the depth they deserve. I just hope that it turns into something more ongoing for Monica and Janet as they have long deserved a long running series. If the writers can’t come up with stories for them then perhaps they shouldn’t be writing for comics at all.

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