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  • Mishandled Adaptations – Superheroes

    Mishandled Adaptations – Superheroes

    In a world where both the MCU and DCEU exist we have been blessed with some excellent live action adaptations of our favorite superheroes. But nearly as frequently we have seen these characters be completely misused and mishandled. Almost like those writing for these characters don’t even know who they are. Wikipedia is free and…

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  • Underrated Villains

    Underrated Villains

    There are hundreds of heroes and villains in the superhero canon of both Marvel and DC, yet we see the same characters in adaptations over and over again. So here is my list of wildly overrated villains that don’t necessarily need to be retired but absolutely need a break. Overall Marvel has some incredible…

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  • Scarlet Witch Comic Book Recs

    Scarlet Witch Comic Book Recs

    Next up on our list of comic book recommendations is the one, the only Scarlet Witch. Now I really had to narrow this down because if you have followed me for longer than two seconds then you know that Wanda Maximoff is my favorite comic book character so I have many recommendations for general enjoyment…

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  • Black Widow Comic Book Recs

    Black Widow Comic Book Recs

    We’ve been doing comic book recommendations based on your favorite MCU movie and character. Now this next one is going to be slightly more difficult because of the way the MCU just completely butchered the character of Black Widow. Many comic fans absolutely hate her on screen portrayal so if you liked it at face…

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  • Squirrel Girl Vs Batman

    Squirrel Girl Vs Batman

    So this article might just be to piss off Batman fanboys but I am also unequivocally correct. This is something I’ve been saying for years but I feel like it’s important to actually back up my claims. So here we are, why Squirrel girl and Batman are the same. They are the same character, they…

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  • The Token Woman

    The Token Woman

    In a world with an incredible amount of superhero movies and action movies there are many badass, heroic men. More impressively there are exactly 25% as many token women. The Token Woman trope is an extensive, and consistent one. Who knows where it started? We don’t know but we do know that the trope is…

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  • Iron Man – Comic Book Recommendations

    Iron Man – Comic Book Recommendations

    The MCU has brought in so many new fans and inspired them to start reading comics. The problem is that because Marvel has been around so long jumping into comic books is kind of a terrifying process. So I am here to help you find where to start in comics based on your favorite MCU…

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  • All Female Comic Book Teams

    All Female Comic Book Teams

    With so very many all male superhero teams I of course want to talk about the all female teams that exist. Now these are significantly less but they are worth talking about, and of course this is going to be another book plug and preview for Lady Comic Book History.

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  • Underrated Superheroes

    Underrated Superheroes

    Everyone has their favorite superheroes and superhero franchise but I would like to talk about the heroes everyone seems to forget. Though they could still be considered mainstream, they aren’t exactly obscure but they are under appreciated. Yes the list is mostly women but that’s just how it goes when I write something, and certainly…

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  • DisneyPlus MCU

    DisneyPlus MCU

    Now because you can not actually accurately compare formats I have decided that this needs to be its own article. I have ranked all of the films in the MCU. That was a much bigger task. Here we will be focusing on the TV shows. I much prefer television I think it holds a longevity…

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