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  • Secret Invasion Finale

    Secret Invasion Finale

    I purposefully put off watching the finale of Secret Invasion because it is easily one of the worst shows that I have ever watched. Not just the worst Marvel show…the worst show…like ever. It’s truly terrible with absolutely no redeeming qualities and I promise nothing that happened in Secret Invasion is going to be necessary…

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  • Secret Invasion – Episode 3

    Secret Invasion – Episode 3

    We’ve established thus far that I am less than impressed with the Secret Invasion series so far. Which is mostly disappointing because I feel up to this point the Disney+ series have been more good then bad. But the real problem with this show is the entire lack of emotional connection. There is no heart,…

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  • Fandom Toxicity

    Fandom Toxicity

    Every major film or TV project, every major musician, every piece of media have what is referred to as a fandom. Fandom is the very internet way to refer to the fan community of a thing. Whether it be a franchise or a particular actor, fandoms can be an amazing source of community and bonding.…

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  • Guardians of the Galaxy

    Guardians of the Galaxy

    If your favorite MCU movies are the Guardians of the Galaxy movies then here are your comic book recommendations. I want to preface this with; the Guardians comics are nothing like their live action counterpart. In fact when my dad and I went to see it he was really not excited because the comics are…

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  • Mishandled Adaptations – Superheroes

    Mishandled Adaptations – Superheroes

    In a world where both the MCU and DCEU exist we have been blessed with some excellent live action adaptations of our favorite superheroes. But nearly as frequently we have seen these characters be completely misused and mishandled. Almost like those writing for these characters don’t even know who they are. Wikipedia is free and…

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  • The Infinity Saga

    The Infinity Saga

    The MCU version of the Infinity Saga was great for what it was, but the reality is there were very many characters missing. So if you liked the infinity stones and the stories that surrounded them then the comics are going to be great for you. Now the MCU did what it does best and…

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  • Underrated Villains

    Underrated Villains

    There are hundreds of heroes and villains in the superhero canon of both Marvel and DC, yet we see the same characters in adaptations over and over again. So here is my list of wildly overrated villains that don’t necessarily need to be retired but absolutely need a break. Overall Marvel has some incredible…

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  • Comic Book Reading Order – Pt. 1

    Comic Book Reading Order – Pt. 1

    If you are an avid comic book reader like me, or you want to be it can be extremely difficult to sort through the thousands of comics that exist. Now I am a firm believer in just following a single character at a time. There are lots of crossovers and team comics and that can…

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  • Scarlet Witch Comic Book Recs

    Scarlet Witch Comic Book Recs

    Next up on our list of comic book recommendations is the one, the only Scarlet Witch. Now I really had to narrow this down because if you have followed me for longer than two seconds then you know that Wanda Maximoff is my favorite comic book character so I have many recommendations for general enjoyment…

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  • Black Widow Comic Book Recs

    Black Widow Comic Book Recs

    We’ve been doing comic book recommendations based on your favorite MCU movie and character. Now this next one is going to be slightly more difficult because of the way the MCU just completely butchered the character of Black Widow. Many comic fans absolutely hate her on screen portrayal so if you liked it at face…

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