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  • Squirrel Girl Vs Batman

    Squirrel Girl Vs Batman

    So this article might just be to piss off Batman fanboys but I am also unequivocally correct. This is something I’ve been saying for years but I feel like it’s important to actually back up my claims. So here we are, why Squirrel girl and Batman are the same. They are the same character, they…

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  • Women Led Marvel

    Women Led Marvel

    2023 is starting off beautifully with so many women-led titles coming from Marvel and DC. Here are some past women-led titles of Marvel that need the spotlight.

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  • Marvel Relationships

    Marvel Relationships

    There are so many Marvel relationships in MCU that we have not discussed yet and a lot of them are more recent additions to the universe so here we go, with some of the better couples in the MCU. I believe that’s all the relevant couples in the MCU, but feel free to let…

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  • MCU Relationships

    MCU Relationships

    In the MCU there have been lots of romantic relationships, some are fan favorites and some have left audiences asking why. So here we are going to talk about which ones audiences loved and which ones we hated. Some of the relationships in the MCU were treated really well unfortunately it just wasn’t the…

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  • Thor – Comic Book Recs

    Thor – Comic Book Recs

    We are rounding out the comic recommendations for the big 3. We’ve done Captain America and Iron Man so here we are with Thor. Thor is possibly the hardest character to do MCU based comic recs for because his storylines are quite possibly the furthest from their comic book counterparts so some of these might…

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  • Captain America – Comic Book Recs

    Captain America – Comic Book Recs

    So we started with the beginning of the MCU with Iron Man, so I am here with more comic book recommendations based on your favorite MCU movie or character. Next we are going to do Captain America. Now we are going to do Captain America as a whole, not just Steve Rogers so your Sam…

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  • Iron Man – Comic Book Recommendations

    Iron Man – Comic Book Recommendations

    The MCU has brought in so many new fans and inspired them to start reading comics. The problem is that because Marvel has been around so long jumping into comic books is kind of a terrifying process. So I am here to help you find where to start in comics based on your favorite MCU…

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  • Recapping the MCU – Phase 3

    Recapping the MCU – Phase 3

    Phase two had a lot more important information than Phase one did so hopefully those broad strokes were enough. I know this is a longer video but the MCU really exploded in phase 3. We added a lot of new characters and furthered a lot of team storylines so let’s dive right in. Now…

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  • Recapping the MCU – Phase 1

    Recapping the MCU – Phase 1

    So I think that we can all agree that the MCU has a lot going on right now. Between the start of a new phase and about a billion Disney+ shows, fans are facing exhaustion. The MCU has proven to audiences that media overload and burn out is certainly a thing. With new films coming…

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