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  • Ranking Pixar Movies By Era

    Ranking Pixar Movies By Era

    As we continue with ranking Pixar movies by their eras (eras that I made up and defined all by myself) we move into the Disney Partnership era. This era actually goes beyond their partnership, this era actually refers to the first era of films after Disney purchased Pixar. This first era of the melding companies…

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  • Revival Era Disney

    Revival Era Disney

    The Revival Era of Disney includes all of the more current or modern Disney movies, though a clear era post these films has not been defined I’m going to keep clumping them in with this one. However for the purposes of this list we will only be talking about the 6 films that fall into…

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  • Underrated Children’s Movies

    Underrated Children’s Movies

    With about a million children’s movies out there, and Disney really dominating that particular market, it’s really easy for great movies to get overlooked. So here I am with some of my favorite, underrated children’s movies that I consider must-watches. Now these are mostly movies that I don’t think enough children get shown but this…

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  • History of Horror

    History of Horror

    One of my favorite things about studying film is studying genre, tropes and patterns. I feel like it makes me a better screenwriter and a better critic. Studying these things helps us understand structure, pacing, expectations and how to subvert them. We are going to start with a genre that I’ve been fascinated with since…

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  • Theater Camp Review

    Theater Camp Review

    Calling all theatre kids! Theater Camp was a spectacular, hilarious, heartfelt film that made me feel far too many things. From the casting to the independent film style, Theater Camp delivered an overwhelmingly emotional experience. Ben Platt not only starred in the film but also helped write and produce it. So there is no doubt…

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  • Creating Oppenheimer

    Creating Oppenheimer

    Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer releases this weekend and I thought it prudent to do some background on the real person. Historical fiction walks a fine line in Hollywood, it is either very well adapted and humanized so it feels closer and more personal to the audience, or it is a bastardization of actual events and doesn’t…

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  • Rewatching Twilight

    Rewatching Twilight

    So it has been almost exactly 2 years since I’ve rewatched all the Twilight movies and they have seemed to make a resurgence on tiktok so I thought I’d join the fun. Now I would like to state that I read the books so much in middle school that my copy of New Moon fell…

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  • Fast and Furious 6

    Fast and Furious 6

    Okay we have hit Furious 6, and as expected we have seen a wild increase in quality in no small part due to the fact that Paul Walker is a part of them. That said it was definitely still a Fast and Furious movie and I am fully convinced that these are just comic book…

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  • Transformers Review

    Transformers Review

    I went into this movie as someone who has never seen a Transformers movie. I’ve only seen clips of the Michael Bay abominations and considering how Megan Fox was portrayed and treated on that set I have no desire to finish them. I also went with my husband who very much had some nostalgia surrounding…

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  • Don’t See The Flash

    Don’t See The Flash

    I will scream from the rooftops over and over to not go see The Flash. And most people in the DCEU bubble know why. But for those casual watchers that don’t see the problem with supporting the latest superhero movie here is exactly why you should not go see The Flash or support HBO and…

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