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  • Avatar the Last Airbender

    Avatar the Last Airbender

    There is a massive come back on its way for Avatar the Last Airbender and its fans. The next couple of years are going to be development and production years for a great number of Avatar the Last Airbender related projects. From new animated series to the live action endeavor, to several animated movies we…

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  • Ranking Studio Ghibli Movies

    Ranking Studio Ghibli Movies

    As someone who grew up on Disney I had heard of Studio Ghibli throughout my adult life but I had never seen any of the films until I met my husband. He is a huge Miyazaki fan and as such I have seen most of the Miyazaki – Studio Ghibli movies. So as someone who…

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  • What Makes A Movie Bad?

    What Makes A Movie Bad?

    I do a lot of media analysis and as someone on the internet that opens me up to a lot of criticism, and as always most of the comments I receive on the internet hold absolutely no weight and mean nothing. That said I think that its important before I fully launch a YouTube channel…

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  • Gale vs Peeta

    Gale vs Peeta

    With Netflix taking off one of the most popular teen franchises people have started rewatching and revisiting their Hunger Games takes. Many of us have not watched those movies since their initial release but leave it to TikTok and internet millennials to cause a resurgence. So I decided to dedicate and entire article to the…

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  • Join Us on YouTube!

    Join Us on YouTube!

    I talk a lot this is nothing more then another outlet, but we’d love to have you there too!

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  • Oscar Award Recap

    Oscar Award Recap

    The Oscar Awards have always claimed to be the pinnacle of recognition for outstanding work in film. Unfortunately the reality is that studios buy nominations and wins are more based on name recognition then merit. But with so many incredible films released in 2022 and many of them getting nominations there was hope for the…

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  • DisneyPlus MCU

    DisneyPlus MCU

    Now because you can not actually accurately compare formats I have decided that this needs to be its own article. I have ranked all of the films in the MCU. That was a much bigger task. Here we will be focusing on the TV shows. I much prefer television I think it holds a longevity…

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  • Ranking the MCU

    Ranking the MCU

    The MCU has over a decade of development time and dozens of projects now, both film and television. There is so much content that people are somewhat burnt out, they are exhausted from trying to keep up with all of the interrelated storylines. Now burn out is totally understandable especially considering that when a new…

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  • Hollywood in 2023

    Hollywood in 2023

    So as we may have gathered from the entire existence of this website I have a lot of opinions on pretty much everything. Among those many things is the current state of Hollywood as an industry. From how they choose which projects they make to how they award those projects I have made some commentary.…

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  • Quantumania Review

    Quantumania Review

    Every time a Marvel movie is finally released the internet explodes, the trend now is to immediately shit on it whether the quality of the movie is good or bad. Reality is nothing to the internet so of course when Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania came out the internet did its thing. Now I saw…

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