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  • The Last of Us

    The Last of Us

    So we took a longish hiatus from The Last of Us because I really need to be in the mood for this show. That said they’ve chilled out on the gross stuff and really laid into the emotion crap. And as such keeps having episodes that leave me yelling at my tv. So we are…

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  • Television Shows that were Canceled Too Soon

    Television Shows that were Canceled Too Soon

    In the world of television a show that goes on for the exact right amount of time is a rare occurrence, more often than not the show goes on too long and loses its way or it’s actually good and gets canceled way too soon. Here we discuss the shows that were pulled before their…

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  • TV Shows with WTF Endings

    TV Shows with WTF Endings

    If you’re here it’s because you love TV and that means that you have probably stuck with a show long enough to witness it become absolutely terrible. Normally this is a result of a TV show running for too long. The creatives didn’t have an ending in mind, the network forced them to keep going…

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  • The Latest in Nerd News

    The Latest in Nerd News

    The nerd world has been buzzing with content, so we thought we’d take a break to recap everything that’s been going on. Quantumania is better then the internet gives it credit for. New Girl, Friends and How I Met Your Mother are all the same show and I’ve been rewatching Grey’s Anatomy and Dance Moms…

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  • The Comedic Relief

    The Comedic Relief

    Opening- The Funny Man Winston, Phoebe, and Marshall fill the category of comedic relief, the funny man. They are not necessarily the funniest characters on screen but they are the quirkiest and goofiest and that breaks the tension from the more serious storylines that their friends carry. Yes it seems that this title should go…

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  • Cece, Lily, and Monica

    Cece, Lily, and Monica

    Now I have categorized all three of these women as “The Other Woman” not in the traditional sense of course. But in the sense that their best friend is the main protagonist of the show and the center of the group, and they exist outside of that role. Often their storylines get the second most…

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  • Friends – Chandler

    Friends – Chandler

    With the analysis of Friends, New Girl, and How I met Your Mother I categorized all of the characters into groups, Chandler however ended up being the odd one out. And as such that means that the Friends character got his own article. Now I’m sure someone out there thinks that Chandler should have been…

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  • Friends, HIMYM, and New Girl

    The third article analyzing these sitcoms compares Jess, Rachel and Robin. As these three ladies are the protagonists of their respective shows the comparison is a very easy one to make. Though their personality traits are different as is how they treat the people around them, the core of their characters is very similar.…

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  • TLOU Eps 3&4

    TLOU Eps 3&4

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  • Friends, New Girl, and HIMYM

    Friends, New Girl, and HIMYM

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