SUPERWhoLock – Season 1

SuperWhoLock …a horrifying Tumblr memory originated in 2011. We were possibly the most annoying online community in history and this series was born and bred out of gen Z’ers trying to claim it’s creation. The oldest of the Gen Z’ers was 14 when the fandom originated so no you created nothing, this online horror belongs to Millenials. Also if you had really created it you wouldn’t want to claim it, it was a terrible time of hijacking posts that had nothing to do with us and the wildest of fan fictions. Its existence was a flash in a pan and it came crashing down as quickly as it rose to dominance. With the long hiatuses between seasons of Sherlock and Doctor Who and the decline in quality of Sherlock and Supernatural, paired with the fact that the main fanbase simply grew up the SuperWhoLock fandom ran out of steam. Though jokes of a resurgence emerged with the rumors of Sherlock season 5 and David Tennent returning as the Doctor for another anniversary special. It is a fandom that never needs to see the light of day again, and for most of us it is simply an embarrassing memory. But we are going to explore why these shows had such a chokehold on the internet, why they seemed to pair together so well and why we all simply stopped caring.

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