You Season 4 – Pt.2

In the first part of this season there were many theories stirred up about who was stalking Joe and who the “Eat the Rich” killer is. Joe is convinced that it’s someone in this rich friend group, me and most fans are convinced that it’s someone from his past. But the end of part 1 left us with many questions, hopefully part two wraps up cleanly with all of the answers.

Alexandra’s theory was actually exactly right. Joe was hallucinating Rhys, and his mental break was because he was keeping Marianne in a cage, though she wasn’t quite dead yet. Nadia gets herself involved and finds Marianne, so much more random murder happens and Kate and Joe end up living happily ever after. I think this season was chaotic, disheveled and poorly executed. I really hope that there is no season 5 and we are just done now. There is no other place for them to take this show, and Joe’s story is kind of repetitive and we’re all over it.

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