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Superwholock- Tumblr Era

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Part of revisiting the terror that was SuperWhoLock is giving you guys a full picture of what the internet was like at the time. As well as giving insight and context as to how the fandom interacted with the internet and why we were so terrible. In this first video I commented on how Gen Z wouldn’t want to claim this as their own if they were ever actually really a part of it and that’s true. So here I bring you evidence of specifically the Supernatural fandom being absolutley insufferable on Tumblr.

Now of course there are plenty of posts from the actual SuperWhoLock specific section of Tumblr and we will of course get there. But I think it is important to take this one fandom at a time before dealing with it as a whole. Especially if you were not there to witness these posts in real time, it can be a lot of cringe at once. Therefore I feel a direct responsibility to ease you in to the dark days of the internet.

Now if you did not watch the show religiously (haha) or experience this era of Tumblr first hand then some of the jokes in these posts will fully not make any sense to you. And that’s okay. If you don’t understand the references you should really consider yourself lucky. The overall picture I want to paint with these is that the Supernatural fandom was a very annoying force to be reckoned with and absolutley everyone on the site was done with our shit. The question on all of your minds now is did I participate in this obnoxiousness? And the answer is an unfortunate and resounding yes! Yes I did and I regret nothing.

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