Lantern Corps

Another project that James Gunn has announced is Lanterns, with the ambiguity of the title we can hope that this project will include all of the Lantern Corps colors. Now should that be the case it means that we will be pulling from the Brightest Day, Darkest Night series. That would allow for the background and full introduction of each faction of the colored corps. I will simply provide a brief synopsis.

Now as we mentioned before there are other color lantern corps, each personifying and drawing from a particular emotion. Each has its own oath and power ring, and very few actually get time and panels in the comics.

Now that is all we are going to cover in this article or it’s going to be 5,000 words so there will be a part two. We still have to cover the Black, White, Indigo, Blue Lanterns and the Star Sapphires.

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