If you haven’t yet…

Another thing San Diego Comic Con did was show me things I need to get on, as well as remind me how many incredible things people miss out on. From comic books to YouTube channels there is so much content out there for nerds it’s impossible to know about everything. So here is my list of nerd things that you should get on if you haven’t yet. 

First up a comic book series my father thought was new, Saga. Saga is a space opera/fantasy comic that focuses on a couple fleeing from an intergalactic war. The series started in 2012 and is still going. It has won 14 Eisner awards as well as a bunch of other comic book awards. There are several collected editions making catching up on the series very easy. This is one of the most recommended comics by anyone who loves the genre. 

The second thing I would love for everyone to go checkout right now is the Hillywood show. The company is run by adorable sisters, Hannah and Hilly Hindi and they do parodies of your favorite nerd properties. They do the entire production, from start to finish by themselves. Their entire production team is themselves. Their latest one is of Good Omens, most of their fans found them during the first Supernatural video but some have been with them since Twilight. 

Last but not least, might seem a little bit obvious but I want people to know about it anyway, Invincible. Whether you want to enter this story from the TV show or the comic doesn’t really matter; they are both spearheaded by Robert Kirkman and are incredible. 

Now there is obviously so much more but I think these are the most important ones. Hollywood is just amazing, they are so so talented and skilled and hilarious and everyone should go check them out immediately. 

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