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Category: Conventions

  • Matt Smith at LACC

    Matt Smith at LACC

    Los Angeles Comic Con had some major stars this year, among them being the Doctor himself, Matt Smith. Also known for The Crown and House of the Dragon, Matt Smith brought British humor and charm to the LACC stage.  So being approximately 10 feet away from Matt Smith was a…

  • Los Angeles Comic Con 2023 Schedule

    Los Angeles Comic Con 2023 Schedule

    Los Angeles Comic Con is back this year and they have some BIG heavy hitters. We’ve got 4 different guests that we would consider headliners. Now as I am only going on Saturday that means that I will (hopefully) be spending most of the day in the press pit for…

  • Forest of Geek Reels

    Forest of Geek Reels

    Some shorts from SDCC panels posted on the Forest of Geek YouTube Channel

  • If you haven’t yet…

    If you haven’t yet…

    Another thing San Diego Comic Con did was show me things I need to get on, as well as remind me how many incredible things people miss out on. From comic books to YouTube channels there is so much content out there for nerds it’s impossible to know about everything.…

  • San Diego Comic Con

    San Diego Comic Con

    I got the pleasure of taking my father to his first San Diego Comic Con. He has been wanting to go since its inception and we have been trying to get tickets to go together for about a decade now. So when I managed to get us passes this year…

  • SDCC Recap – Sunday

    SDCC Recap – Sunday

    Sunday, our last day of SDCC was the slowest day of the weekend (which was a good thing because I was absolutely exhausted from the rest of the weekend) but it was also an amazing ending to an amazing weekend. We got to spend more time in the exhibit hall…

  • Missing SDCC?

    Missing SDCC?

    We all know that San Diego Comic Con is the hottest ticket in town, selling out in a matter of minutes for the last decade or so SDCC remains a popular place for nerds. That said, like a Taylor Swift concert, most people that want to go simply cannot. The…

  • LACC Recap

    LACC Recap

  • Sandlot at LACC

    Sandlot at LACC

  • Booze at LACC

    Booze at LACC