Most Heartbreaking Kids Movies

So the genre of children’s movies or kids movies is vast and there are many entries to it. Some are musical and fun, some are about nothing, some thrive off of cheap jokes and take no thought process to watch at all. But sometimes, very occasionally there is an entrance into the kids movie genre that is heavy and quite emotional. Now these are arguably the best kids movies, the ones that teach something and cause everyone that watches them (not just kiddos) to have a strong emotional reaction. This can be said for very few kids movies but we are going to list out the most emotional and sometimes heartbreaking movies for kids.

These movies are absolutely incredible, truly impeccably written but part of their amazing writing is that they are emotional, and heartbreaking. Every one of them is worth the watch. Now our honorable mention here at the end is because it is not necessarily a movie that is targeted to children, it’s simply about children. The most heartbreaking of heartbreaking kids movies would be Grave of the Fireflies…I haven’t even seen it yet because I have to mentally prepare myself. All I know is that it takes place in the firebombings in Japan and children die. You could not write something more crafted to make me cry.

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