And Just Like That Season 2

Okay back to the revival that has somehow gotten as season 3…And Just Like That. Look this show isn’t bad, but its also not good. And there is no way that the audience is fueled by nostalgia because our original women are not interesting to watch. With the exception of Charlotte these 56 year old women are pathetic, they have not grown at all in the last 30 years. They are exactly who they were in the worst ways possible. The only thing that keeps me watching this show are the new characters, because they are the only ones worth watching.

Season 1 of And Just Like That was fine…it definitely still felt like Sex and the City. But I love mediocre drama so here we go with the second season of the revival. The new characters they introduced last season are still in play. Though they are good characters it feels like they are trying so hard to replace Samantha.

So sorry to the original cast but without Samantha the group just does not hold up. The new characters are 100X more interesting then the original girls. This show is actually better than the original because of Nya, Lisa and Seema.

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