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I am launching my first Kickstarter! I am so so excited to finally share my first story with the world. I have been writing this graphic novel for about a year now and though it started as an idea for a screenplay I really think that it works best as a graphic novel. Comic books have been a major part of my personality for so long so to finally put my own story out into the world really means a lot to me. From the Darkness is a coming of age story that is very Buffy the Vampire Slayer-esque that centers young women that have gained mythological powers along with their normal teenage hormones.

As this is my first comic book I really didn’t know how to write in the proper format. I have only studied screenwriting and though I have tried my hand at narrative prose it absolutley was not the correct medium for me. So when I tried to switch from screenwriting to comic book writing it was really difficult. So I did the only thing I knew how to do, I asked literally everyone I could think of how the heck this medium and industry works. I had one artist kind enough to send me a template and that was really helpful.

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  1. Does Justin Hawkins know you’re using his, possibly copyrighted, Band Name as the source of your Comic Creation?

    He’d probably be very supportive!

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