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Spooky Movies to Watch

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As we get ready to enjoy the fall season we’ve got to talk about movies! This particular list will be to discuss the best options for spooky (but not scary) movies. These will give you the coziest fall vibes and definitely make you feel the Halloween season without giving you a jumpscare. Some are kind of creepy and some are more cozy but either way they are fun watches. Most of these are nostalgic because apparently I don’t watch anything that has been released in the last 10 years.

As you can see there are plenty of Halloween movies to watch all along the scale of creepy. There is plenty out there for younger kids, as well as your weird little middle school who thinks they want a scary movie (that’s really what Tim Burton is for after all). Before we close out I would like to include some honorable mentions here; James and the Giant Peach, again I think its art style earns it a spot on this list. Animation and lighting can really go a long way to making a not necessarily creepy story, a little creepy. I’d also like to mention Nightmare Before Christmas because again, Tim Burton. But also it’s my bridge to Christmas movies and it really works for both holidays (although as soon as I watch this movie it is Christmas time). But I suppose it’s good for the spooky season as well.

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