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Scary Movies For Fall

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Now we are moving on to the scarier aspect of the season. Sometimes we want spooky and sometimes we want scary, so here we go with the scary. There are no shortage of scary movies or horror films in existence but as such it can actually be difficult to find good ones that are truly scary or disturbing. It’s also harder to actually scare the audience these days because people know the tropes and anticipate them. These are my personal favorite scary movies that I love to watch year after year.

Some honorable mentions before we close out are The Prestige, literally one of the greatest movies of all time. Not outwardly scary but definitely creepy with one of the best twist endings of any film ever. And The Ferryman which was my first horror film ever (thanks dad I was 9) and therefore I think everyone should be as traumatized as I was. There are a million horror movies you could watch this season but I consider these classics and they are honestly very difficult to beat. They still creep me out even as someone that knows the tropes and what to expect. The mastery of the genre in these films is simply fun to watch and experience.

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