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Best Places to Drink in Disney

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Well we’ve covered food, but we drank almost as much as we ate on this vacation. Disney has some awesome drinks available in the parks as well as in Disney Springs and we covered most of them so here we go. The best places to drink in Disneyworld.

First up is The Boathouse. Not only do they have delicious cocktails but they are STRONG. We were sharing drinks for the most part because if we didn’t there is no way we would have been able to walk around. They have some heavy hands at The Boathouse and we appreciate it. I personally really loved the blueberry lemonade and the Duck Duck Razz (it comes with a mini rubber duckie, which was in fact the whole reason I ordered it).

Now everyone has heard of drinking around EPCOT and that is because they have some great drinks, almost all in slushy form so the next few are going to be grouped together here. First up in EPCOT was the sake slushy in Japan from Kabuki Cafe. We went with blackberry and it was delicious. This slushy was immediately followed by a little trip to America where we had a red stag lemonade (also a slushy!) which was lemonade and black cherry bourbon. So it was strong but it was also super yummy. After those two alone we were cruising at a pretty good altitude.

Now if you are not an alcohol person there are still delicious drinks for you. In the giant (3 story) Coke a Cola building in Disney Springs you can have an awesome variety of drinks. All non alcoholic we had a mocktail flight (all 3 were delicious) and then we came back the next day and did the float flight and the around the world flight. All of the floats were delicious, and the around the world tray allowed us to try coke products from all over the world and approximately 1/3 of them were delicious. I mean I am super picky but still some were…questionable. But the entire tray was definitely worth trying. Overall it was a fin drink experience and we had a lot of fun trying a bunch of different flavors.

Last but not least we are going back to Jack Lindsey’s. They also had some very strong cocktails AND its right next door to The Boathouse. These drinks were also just really big, they are definitely sharable if you want to drink and have fun but not be entirely out of your mind.

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