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Nuance of Numbers – Box office numbers

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On the internet we hear “movies aren’t as good now”, “well when movies were good” and “back when”, now these thoughts are all blatantly untrue because brilliant movies exist everywhere, people are just lazy and won’t watch anything not handed directly to them. Often the general public blames writers for the lack of originality in Hollywood. The amount of sequels, remakes and reboots are often cited as to why writers don’t deserve to be paid properly. Especially in the year of the longest and biggest strike in entertainment industry history. What most people don’t realize is that all of those unoriginal movies that you hate are commissioned by studios, and are fulfilled simply by writers trying to feed themselves. You see studios see a movie that was successful, like Ghostbusters and they immediately think audiences want more Ghostbusters instead of seeing that audiences want more friend group comedies. They see no nuance in the box office numbers.

Original thoughts exist in Hollywood. Writers are constantly creating golden, beautiful and brilliant stories but they are being silenced by major studios who fail to realize that if you feed audiences emotions, they will feed your wallet. Instead we are fed expensive to make but cheap in development movies completely devoid of emotion, heart, content or a coherent thought. And then they wonder why no one is going to the movies anymore. If the AMPTP would like to hire me to tell them everything they are doing wrong and how they could make the most money, I am here to help. But it’s really clear, reboots, remakes and sequels simply make less money than original movies. That is easily verifiable and unbelievably easy to see. Only stupid, lazy, studio execs could possibly miss the reality behind the box office numbers.

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