Friends, HIMYM, and New Girl

The third article analyzing these sitcoms compares Jess, Rachel and Robin. As these three ladies are the protagonists of their respective shows the comparison is a very easy one to make. Though their personality traits are different as is how they treat the people around them, the core of their characters is very similar.

We will eventually be analyzing all of the relationships these women engage in, both romantic and platonic. This article focuses specifically on their romantic relationships. Though with the emergence of TikTok, Friends specifically has been picked apart there all three sitcoms have had their problems. The most common complaint in Friends is that the main characters are bad people, well that problem definitely seeps into How I Met Your Mother as well. Though New Girl did some groundbreaking things, they are also not exempt from this problem.

This series aims to analyze these characters through their relationships, as well as shed some light on how truly good writing can outweigh characters flaws. And how poorly written characters can bring an otherwise good story down.

See the attached TikToks for a very summarized version of all these articles.

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