Cocaine Bear – Review

It might be the most ridiculous movie to come out of 2023 but it was certainly entertaining, my Cocaine Bear review goes into the good, bad and why audiences need to learn to sit back and enjoy.

So I have been so excited for Cocaine Bear since I first saw the trailer, when I found out it was based on something real I wanted to see it even more because the very idea of a black bear for realsies high on cocaine is hilarious. Lots of films we’ve seen lately have been intellectual and have made statements (or at least attempted to) and this movie was clearly just for entertainment and I was super ready to just shut my mind off for an hour and a half, so let’s get to it…

So overall this movie was nothing groundbreaking, nothing spectacular happened but it was a good movie. I think what most people need to realize is the first step to assessing the quality of a movie is, did it accomplish what it set out to? And the answer for this specific movie is yes, it did. Now some people just can’t accept that not all movies have to be profound and brilliant. Now if they try to be and fail that’s one thing but some movies exist solely to entertain with no other meaning behind it and that’s okay. Some people don’t want to think when they absorb media, and though I think that as a life plan that’s stupid but occasionally that’s perfectly acceptable. So because it did exactly what it meant to, I give it a 9/10, I would watch it again, I would show it to people and it was entertaining. In fact it’s the perfect play in the background at a party or gathering kind of movie.

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