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Friends – Chandler

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With the analysis of Friends, New Girl, and How I met Your Mother I categorized all of the characters into groups, Chandler however ended up being the odd one out. And as such that means that the Friends character got his own article. Now I’m sure someone out there thinks that Chandler should have been in the comic relief category and though that would be an excellent surface level analysis but I have a different classification for him.

So in my analysis of the How I Met Your Mother, Friends and New Girl characters there are some groupings that are very obvious and some that are a bit of a stretch but the most glaring thing that came up is that Chandler doesn’t really fit in properly with any of those groups. So he gets his own article all by himself…

Now romantic relationships are an important aspect of analyzing a character’s personality and quality. Yet another important way of analysis is a character’s other, platonic, relationships. Both are explored in Chandler Bing’s analysis.

The final analysis will really focus on how each group operates as a whole, and I might even give my opinion on which group is the best group of friends.

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