Dungeons And Dragons Review

Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves’ opening weekend has reflected just how appreciated this movie is. Dungeons and Dragons is a hilarious and unexpectedly emotional adventure movie that was true to its source material. There have been many attempts at a D&D inspired movies but they all missed the mark because they were made by people who had clearly never played the RPG. Most of the past attempts are campy, but not in a good way. They also didn’t have the budget of the current attempt. Honor Among Thieves makes D&D fans proud. Nerds and normies alike will enjoy this funny, adventure film.


Overall I think that the film was an incredible experience, I recommend it to both fans of Dungeons and Dragons the game as well as their far less nerdy friends. It is a family friendly adventure and truly is a film for everyone. I give the movie an 8.5 out of 10, docking it only for the reason that I promised that I would be harsher on my ratings this year. It is the best movie we have gone to see this year and I don’t see it dropping too far down on the overall movie ratings. Audiences, critics enjoy it and for once I agree with the general public.

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