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Renfield Review

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Renfield is a movie that I have been torn about since we first saw the trailer. On the one hand I am a diehard vampire fan and I have made a personal vow to myself to see every vampire related piece of media that exists. On the other hand I am very loud about my deep disdain for Nicholas Cage…he’s a terrible actor, he has no real range and makes every movie he is in campy whether that was the original intention or not. That said, Nicholas Cage was the best part of the movie.

Overall I think the movie was okay, it wasn’t good and it wasn’t bad. And nothing really offensive happened narratively speaking but it was really lackluster. The cop storyline really dragged the pacing down and stepped on the only parts of the movie worth watching. I also wish there was more with Renfield and the support group because that fit the tone really well. The movie as it was earned a generous 5/10, with my very correct adjustments it would have been a 7.5/10. Recommended watch, but I wouldn’t actually show it to anyone. It’s more of an, “if you have nothing else to watch” kind of movie. Entertaining and not a total waste of time. 

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