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Polite Society Review

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It seems that 2023 is another great year for movies and that is something that is greatly exciting to an aspiring filmmaker like myself. One of the truly delightful movies that we got to see this past weekend was Polite Society. A film about sisterly love, believing in yourself and inappropriate mother-son relationships.

One of the most well written parts of Polite Society is the sisterly relationship between Ria and Lena. From the beginning the fact that the girls were close was very clear. Lena helps her little sister film YouTube videos for her channel, Ria gets on her nerves and pulls her out of bed, and the girls have dance parties. They love and support each other fiercely which is really the driving factor of the story. When Lena gets caught up in an arranged marriage with someone Ria doesn’t trust, family ties are tested. They even get into a full blown sister fight. Eventually Lena realizes that her sister was just trying to protect her and they go back to being best friends.

Overall the movie is hilarious, action packed and extremely awesome. I know I said that I need to be harder on my grading system but it’s really hard to give this movie any lower than a 9/10. It was paced perfectly, the plot was straightforward and well thought out. The characters were perfectly developed and all of the relationships make sense. The film is awesome and I could not recommend it more.

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