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Chevalier Review

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From the minute we saw the trailer for Chevalier I knew I wanted to see it. I have a thing for French Revolution stories (Les Miserables is one of my favorite musicals after all), add in some music and an attractive actor and I am pretty much sold.

First things first I think the funniest thing about any story that takes place in France, specifically French Revolution stories is that all the actors have British accents and that is something that we all accept as an audience for some reason. No matter that it’s unrealistic and straight up doesn’t make any sense.

This story could have very easily been mishandled, we’ve seen it before. Writers and directors trying to create something that will get a public response so they choose a story driven by race and write and direct it poorly. The story turns into a joke, stereotypes, white saviory, and just bad. But it was very clear that someone who cared about this point in history and someone that cared about this story wrote it. Stephani Robinson and Stephen Williams, two filmmakers of color are the ones that brought this story to life and it shows.

Overall the film is incredible, it enrages you in the correct way. It radiates heart and feeling. The relationships feel real, raw and heartbreaking. And you can’t help but root for Joseph and want what’s best for him. The way the film is developed and executed is truly beautiful and I struggle to find a reason to give it less then a 10/10 other then I swore that I would be harder on these movies this year. 2023 is truly another incredible year for film and I can’t wait for everyone else to see this movie.

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