Love and Death Eps. 1-3

We know I will watch anything with Elizabeth Olsen in it, I absolutely adore her. So when the series Love and Death dropped on HBO I knew I was going to have to watch it. So here we go with my running commentary and review of the new limited series, Love and Death. Now I go into this series really not being a fan of true crime. I don’t do shows about serial killers, I don’t like the mini series’ that glorify these murderers and retraumatize their victims families. This seems to be quite a different story however. Yes murder is involved, its even very Lizzie Borden like with the murder weapon being an ax. But this seems to be a much more human story.


I know this is the 80s but all these wives seem stepford levels of crazy. Both of these main women are wacked out and I would cheat on them too. Betty confronts Candy about the affair, and Betty returns with an ax. So clearly episode 5 will center on the murder and I get having at least 2 episodes for the trial and the last episode will be the aftermath and resolution. Elizabeth Olsen is amazing. It’s still interesting so far. I will reserve judgment on accuracy until the conclusion of the series.

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