The Dangers of AI

News of the Russo brothers helping develop AI that could create a full movie circulated the internet recently. The internet of course had many responses, most of which condemned the Russo brothers for being lazy, uncreative and sell outs. As a creative how could you even think that this is a good idea, something to put your weight behind? It’s embarrassing. If you can so easily be replaced, how good are you really?


I would love to see an AI movie actually, then the industry can see just what a terrible idea it is. The story would be chaotic and convoluted. The “acting” would be like watching a parody movie from the 2010s acted out by bad wax figures. And the color pallet and set design would feel like the world it’s set in is all melting and blending together. There is no way for this to be good, and the very fact that it’s even being thought about is actually terrifying for creatives. There is another writers strike on the horizon, Hollywood is still actively taking advantage of its attractive young actors and actresses. The creatives are getting difficult so they want to try and replace us. You don’t have to pay for AI. But society doesn’t want soulless entertainment. They want stories made by real people. So please pour billions of dollars into this project and watch it lose more money than any bad film you’ve ever sent to theaters.

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