Oversexualizing Teenagers

Teen dramas are and have always been a popular genre. Some of them, like Dawson’s Creek, go about their characters’ romances in an honest and somewhat wholesome way. Dawson’s Creek in particular actually confronted a lot of the problems that other teen drama’s have. Like sexuality, being oversexualized and general societal pressures. Others (and this is unfortunately the majority) like One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, Riverdale and most recently Euphoria have a habit of oversexualizing their teenage characters. Now this is wildly problematic for so so many reasons but the strongest of which is that this leads to real life consequences.


The conclusion is simple, there is no reason why teenage characters ever need to be shown having sex. It opens the door to too many real life problems as well as solidifying creepy societal behaviors from grown men that never went to therapy, on set abuse particularly to young and powerless actresses, and reinforcing the problems that currently plague Hollywood. And anyone who takes part in something like this needs to be fired immediately. Hollywood had the illusion of healing with the me too movement but the reality is that nothing changed and we need to do better.

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