Hollywood in 2023

So as we may have gathered from the entire existence of this website I have a lot of opinions on pretty much everything. Among those many things is the current state of Hollywood as an industry. From how they choose which projects they make to how they award those projects I have made some commentary. So here is a collection of my most thinky pieces surrounding the state of Hollywood.

In a world where media surrounds us in a way that is inescapable there is so much that exists that it can’t possibly all be good. Now not everything that is branded as “bad” by the general public actually had to suffer that fate. Sometimes the problem isn’t the cast, plot or dialogue, sometimes it’s simply the marketing. The marketing of a project in Hollywood can kill it or sell it more than the project itself. If a television show is marketed as a teen drama then that’s the drama that you expect, however if a project is branded as satire then it’s easier as a writer or showrunner as you haven’t boxed yourself into a specific genre. Both Riverdale and Jennifer’s Body get a bad rap, one because it is in fact bad but would be brilliant if marketed differently and the latter brilliant but marketed so poorly a majority of the initial audience missed the point


JB-050 Jennifer’s (Megan Fox) insatiable appetites take her on the prowl for a meaty snack. Photo credit: Doane Gregory TM and © 2009 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved. Not for sale or duplication.

Many artists across history are problematic, they have all done, said or live by ideals that are no longer acceptable in the eyes of society. Just to be clear, “cancel culture” isn’t a thing, it’s called grown people finally being held accountable for their actions. Jk Rowling and Joss Whedon are two media giants who definitely deserve to be held accountable for their actions, but what does that mean for fans of their work?


The general public has wondered for quite a few years now, has Hollywood run out of original ideas? With what seems like nothing but adaptations, sequels, and reboots being produced the hearts of young writers are breaking everywhere, and fans of film are simply bored and exhausted. Reboots, and sequels have killed creativity in Hollywood because quite frankly if you only do adaptations then you aren’t an artist. What audiences crave is original thoughts, not regurgitations of old themes and stories.


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  1. […] Teen dramas are and have always been a popular genre. Some of them, like Dawson’s Creek, go about their characters’ romances in an honest and somewhat wholesome way. Dawson’s Creek in particular actually confronted a lot of the problems that other teen drama’s have. Like sexuality, being oversexualized and general societal pressures. Others (and this is unfortunately the majority) like One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, Riverdale and most recently Euphoria have a habit of oversexualizing their teenage characters. Now this is wildly problematic for so so many reasons but the strongest of which is that this leads to real life consequences. […]

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