Television Shows that were Canceled Too Soon

In the world of television a show that goes on for the exact right amount of time is a rare occurrence, more often than not the show goes on too long and loses its way or it’s actually good and gets canceled way too soon. Here we discuss the shows that were pulled before their prime. In this list we aren’t even touching the shows that were attempted and canceled by streaming services, these were forgotten and beloved shows from the network days of television.

Now the way network television worked was entirely based on what they thought would make them the most money. The general rule was that they didn’t start really making money until after 100 episodes and that’s why most shows were forced into 22 episode seasons. That way writers really only had to make their story work for 5 seasons, give or take. Now we all now after 5 seasons most shows got weird and bad but most shows didn’t even make it there. Most shows got canceled after one or two seasons because networks decided that they weren’t worth the loss.

Now the shows on this list span several genres and I am positive that I missed some so please let me know what your favorite short lived shows are.

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