TV Shows with WTF Endings

If you’re here it’s because you love TV and that means that you have probably stuck with a show long enough to witness it become absolutely terrible. Normally this is a result of a TV show running for too long. The creatives didn’t have an ending in mind, the network forced them to keep going and then creative chaos ensued…and not in a good way. We can all name a show that we loved, we were dedicated too and then it got bad. I’m here to name a few, so here we go.

I want to dive more into specific TV shows and their impact on the industry. As well as exploring them as either character or plot driven stories so please stay tuned for so much TV analysis. Coming through both articles and YouTube. The YouTube channel that will be launching very very soon. If you have any shows that you would like me to cover, drop a comment and I would love to look into it. As always please let me know what you think and if you have anything to add to my analysis. TV is a wide medium all by itself and I can’t possibly hit all of the genres.

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