Canceled Too Soon

There are about 1000 TV shows that were canceled too soon, but this doesn’t just apply to shows that were only aired for a single season. Sometimes after multiple seasons the show goes underappreciated and this leads to cancellation. These are some of my personal favorite shows that didn’t give enough attention on the networks they were on and therefore we as the audience didn’t really get closure. 

So shows get canceled prematurely for a lot of reasons networks and streaming prioritize different things. On streaming services shows will get canceled after a single season because renewing a show means the service has to actually pay their writers, more for every season. Networks however would actually track ratings and viewer interest and if a network thought that they could grow their audience they would keep the show on the air. The longer a show runs the more money it makes for the network. There really isn’t a direct translation to streaming services in that way. In the sense that streaming services obviously make more money when they put out good content because it directly results in subscription fees. However, streaming services in general, but Netflix specifically seems to think that a lot of shows aren’t worth the increased writer fee after that first season.

Show cancellations are always difficult for fans but even more so when the shows aren’t wrapped up properly. And when the show obviously has the audience to keep going. But Networks only have money in mind, and streaming services have screwing over their writers in mind, they couldn’t care less about what audiences actually want. And for those who don’t know, when in negotiations with the writers it was Netflix that pushed the writers into strike. Netflix’s greed and inability to reasonably see how they could actually make the most money is going to be their downfall. 

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