Lantern Corps Comics

Now that we’ve gone over the backgrounds for most of the characters that will be joining James Gunn’s DCEU I wanted to give you a list of comic book recommendations to go with each of those characters. The Lantern Corps are getting their own list because there are just so damn many of them. So let’s jump in to the best Lantern Corps Comics to read for each faction.

The most well known are obviously the green lantern corps and as a whole there are several omnibus books available but really anything by Geoff Johns is a safe bet. 

The red lantern corps gets arguably the second most panel time, after green. Frankly if you like great art, and some great action here are pretty good places to start.

Very rarely do the Orange Lanterns get the spotlight but focusing on their leader is a great jumping off point for who they are. 

The Black Lanterns (as well as the White) arguably have the best lanterns storylines in Brightest Day and Blackest Night respectively. It is actually one of my favorite comic book storylines in general so these are both HIGHLY recommended. 

The Star Sapphire’s appear in several major storylines, but this is them shining mostly on their own. Again read the Star Sapphire stuff with caution because though they are a corps full of women and are surface level feminist representations, they are still very obviously written by men. 

Lots of reading if you are interested in finding about all of the Lantern Corps, however if you want a good general overview of all of the factions and how they came to be the Brightest Day, Blackest Night storylines are the best Lantern Corps comics to read.

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