Support the WGA

As the WGA strike continues it seems that by the end of this month that SAG will be joining them as they almost unanimously voted to join the strike. The DGA is also currently voting as to whether or not they will be joining the strike, either way Hollywood is being effectively shut down with or without them. Marvel has recently announced new general release dates for several projects due to lots of productions being put on hold in light of the strike. We will undoubtedly be seeing more productions be put on hold when the actors join the picket lines. But how can you support the WGA?

There has even been recent international support for US writers. Just this past week, several protests have been held worldwide in solidarity. This is a great reminder to studios that this strike isn’t going anywhere. And as such the writers that have been working their butts off on the picket lines could use some extra support.

Please check out my other articles covering the WGA strike if you would like more details as to why it started, and what its effects have been so far. And please, always continue to support writers. They are the backbone of Hollywood and we would have no loveable entertainment without them.

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