WGA Strike

Most of us spend our time relaxing watching TV or movies. I mean I’ve built my whole internet presence off of reviewing, critiquing and analyzing media. Our current society thrives off of Hollywood. Comic cons, show specific fan conventions, tv shows, and movies very few people in this country go a day without relying on Hollywood for relaxation and entertainment. But how does that entertainment come to us? Does it magically appear on our screens? Do producers and studio execs come up with these stories that we love? No writers do. Writers are the backbone of Hollywood and we owe them our praise, and Hollywood owes them proper compensation.


The WGA is fighting for their rights as well as the rights of those of us still dreaming. I stand with the WGA. Do not watch any heartless CEO produced content made and released during this strike. Do not cross any picket lines, your Paramount tour and trip to Universal are not more important than people’s livelihoods. There are 10,000 other things to do in LA. Figure something else out. If and when the WGA asks for a complete boycott, you will cancel your subscriptions and go back to watching DVDs. Your immediate need for entertainment is also not more important than people’s livelihoods. Think of it this way you won’t ever get new, quality content unless you support these writers now. They deserve better, the entire industry does. Animation writers make even less money because they are seen as less important. This needs to start an avalanche, EVERY section of the industry needs to change. The people sitting in their offices approving projects based on what they think will make the most money should not be making more money than the people actually putting in the work to create art. Stand with the WGA.

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