Everything is Derivative – A Writers Struggle

We’ve all heard the phrase “everything is derivative of something” well if that’s true then how does a struggling artist present something new? As writers and directors we strive to find new ways to tell the same stories, we analyze and study patterns, tropes, character archetypes and we try and find ways to subvert expectations, that said, we continue to tell the same stories because they are comfortable and people find meaning and safety in familiarity.


Overall writers want to create something memorable, we want to take the love that we have for this medium and find a different way to present our favorite stories. This job isn’t always an easy one and can sometimes lead to some truly terrible or simply lackluster endings. But even so the effort was made, it just didn’t play out very well. As a writer I find this cause very taxing, it’s difficult coming up with something that feels original while still creating something that is relatable and touches someone.

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