DCEU Comic Book Recommendations

So as promised here are my DCEU comic book recommendations for the other characters that were announced as a part of the DCEU. We already did all of the recommendations for the Lantern Corps but we still have to cover Booster Gold, Creature Commandos, Swamp Thing and The Authority. Some of them I put in their background articles but I thought I would give a more detailed list. 

Let’s start with Swamp Thing, a character and series originally written by Alan Moore. There has been a lot of Swamp Thing stories since his creation but the best place to start would be The Saga of Swamp Thing. 

Creature Commandos also has a vast amount of stories to go through. Now their stories are also somewhat less connected than other comic book characters. There aren’t 1000 comics you have to read to understand what’s going on in most of their other comics. That said, this basic collection is the best place to jump in.

Now I’m gonna give you two for The Authority because I know the Omnibus is expensive but it truly is the most detailed overview of the team and what they are about. 

Now if you are new to DC or at least this section of the DCEU I hope that these DCEU comic book recommendations will help you get started before James Gunn’s DCEU gets started. 

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